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Ching Bee enhances its customers’ business by providing the very highest quality abaca with value pricing, while fostering long-lasting, successful, and mutually beneficial relationships with its customers, suppliers, and work force. It constantly strives to meet or exceed its customer needs and expectations of price, service, and quality.

The company provides only the best abaca that has passed through strict quality control measures and government standards.
The following abaca grades are available to suit your requirements
Hand-stripped Abaca Fiber

Normal Grades

  • S2 : Streaky Two (excellent quality)
  • S3 : Streaky Three (excellent quality)
  • I : Current (good quality)
  • G : Soft Second (good quality)
  • H : Soft Brown (good quality)
  • JK : Seconds (fair quality)
  • M1 : Medium Brown (fair quality)

Residual Grades

  • Y : Damaged
  • OT : String/Tow
Machine-stripped Abaca Fiber
Normal Grades

  • S-S2 : Streaky Two (excellent quality)
  • S-S3 : Streaky Three (excellent quality)
  • S-I : Current (good quality)
  • S-G : Soft Second (good quality)
  • S-H : Soft Brown (good quality)
  • S-JK : Seconds (fair quality)
  • S-M1: Medium Brown (fair quality)

Residual Grades

  • S-Y : Damaged
  • S-OT : String/Tow