Versatility of the Abaca


Currency Paper

Currency Paper

The abaca is considered to be the strongest natural fiber, having a tensile strength that is three (3) times that of sisal or Agave sisalana. Natural fibers are also accepted to have better characteristics than common human-made fibers. Compared with synthetic fibers like rayon and nylon, abaca fiber not only possesses the highest tensile strength but also has longer elongation in both wet and dry states. Because of its non-slipping characteristics, the abaca is highly preferred in oil dredging/oil exploration, navies, and merchant shipping.

As countries all over the world become more conscious of the need to protect and preserve the environment, bio-degradable materials such as the abaca are preferred over non-biodegradable ones like plastic and other synthetic materials.

Not only is the abaca still used for ropes and cordage at present.  Its versatility is also evident in its many other current uses as a much sought-after raw material for various industrial and commercial products including currency and security paper, tea bag paper, coffee filter, meat and sausage casing, cigarette paper, filter paper, plug wrap, stencil paper, electrolytic condenser paper, non-woven fabrics, furniture and fixtures, gifts and novelty items, decorative accessories, textiles, handicrafts, cosmetics, skin care products, grocery bags, automobile parts, and many others.

Sample Applications